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Cassandra Emery

This kit has changed my life! The Nutraburst has me feeling healthier than ever before. The NRG gave me energy that I've never felt and is helping me save money every month not buying countless energy drinks and coffees. The lemon tea tastes amazing and I've lost 10 pounds. Thank you TLC!

Erica Spann

I'm enjoying my kit thus far. I was skeptical about the results but it's working. The Iaso Tea is refreshing and tasty... if you're looking for a good detox it's effective. The NRG is pretty good, it suppressed my appetite w/o any withdrawal effects and gives me a good boost of energy to workout after a long day's work. Def recommend!

Shantel Williams

OMG the  seamoss lemonades are so good. my favorite is the pineapple and peach mango.  Way to go I AM ESSENTIAL you are on to something.

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